Physicians for Human Rights 2010 National Conference

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Physicians for Human Rights National Conference
Health and Human Rights in 2010

Saturday, February 20th, 2010
Boston University Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts

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Physicians, nurses and public health specialists in the U.S. and abroad face a daunting task: building, and often rebuilding, health systems that are accessible to all; fighting infectious pandemics like HIV/AIDS; preventing and treating disease; providing humanitarian relief to people facing natural or man-made disasters; and more.

The last 20 years have shown the world that brilliant bio-medical advances cannot alone bring health to the world’s poorest people. Medicine must go hand-in-hand with human rights to eliminate health disparities and ensure a healthy population.

This year’s Conference aims to change the paradigm of medicine to one which embraces human rights by empowering student leaders to introduce human rights into their school curriculum. The Conference is the first of its kind to solely focus on bringing students and faculty together to discuss how to integrate human rights into medical education. This jam-packed day serve as a springboard for future health and human rights initiatives and support students to make lasting change at their university and in their profession.

Highlights include:

  • Network with National Leaders: Renowned experts in the field of health and human rights who will share their knowledge and expertise with you.  This conference provides a rare chance to meet and network with health professionals interested in human rights from all over the US.
  • Build Your Skills: A dynamic lineup of workshops, panels, and strategy sessions that will address the need to integrate human rights more completely in medical education and cover the best strategies for planning electives for credit and garnering faculty support.
  • Take part in the Student Expo: An Education Expo when students who have designed courses for credit, created extracurricular activities and started clubs to further awareness will present their projects and provide advice and ideas for their peers hoping to spearhead similar initiatives.
  • Change Policy: Hear from US Representative James McGovern (D-MA, Invited)—Chair of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus and health reform expert— about human rights and health reform, and ask him the tough questions about how to make sure health is recognized as a human rights in the Us and abroad.
  • Join us for a Jazz Reception: Join student leaders, faculty, and PHR staff and Board members for a jazz reception Saturday evening. Enjoy music, hors d’eourves, drinks and conversation overlooking Boston’s stunning skyline.

Attendees will leave with concrete guides to follow to help further their goals on campus, and will have the opportunity to meet personally with faculty from their schools to discuss future initiatives.

Join PHR at the National Conference – a unique opportunity for passionate health professional students and faculty to come together for a remarkable day to harness their knowledge for health and human rights.

Questions about the National Conference?  Email Hannah.

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